Documentary Research - Rave Flyers

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Documentary Research - Rave Flyers

Post by fmb » 02 Apr 2018, 20:03

Hi Everyone!

My name is Franky and I am a young documentary maker. I am currently doing some research into the UK 90s rave scene and its legacy and am particularly interested in the remarkable and iconic flyer art that emerged from the scene.

I am hoping to find out more about the history of rave flyer art and the community of people who now work so hard to preserve them. With the increasing closure of iconic nightclubs and underground spaces, an enormous amount of cultural history is being lost. I think it is essential to try and preserve as much as possible, especially of such an important movement.

For my research, I am trying to speak to as many people as possible about flyer art, including artists and collectors. Last week, I spoke with the artist Junior Tomlin who explained how he had got involved and the development of his flyer artworks.

I am posting to ask whether anyone would be willing to help me with my research? I would love to hear about your experiences of the rave scene, how you first got interested in rave flyers and what compels you to keep collecting.

Any time you can spare would be fantastic and there would be absolutely no obligation to appear in any future documentary.

Thanks so much!

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Re: Documentary Research - Rave Flyers

Post by UkAcidhouse » 19 Jun 2018, 14:49

Good Subject -

thou clouds over what that guerrilla media presented message were at the time..
Having one of these passed into your hand on a Saturday night while waiting for that nights party to emerge and kick-off (meaning people into cars & to set off) (no fighting - only with those in dark clothes and helmets’)
These items for people around the north were the key to the fun
These weren’t printed on mass (not in the north – money to tight to mention)
** Dave the rave or the ** Mr moon or maybe a design hit with a microdot or just anybody’s tip, or bit of art, with just a little bit of info, not too much = quick print of 500 est. all it needed to gets perfect results every time.
Up north we had a problem with the governments anti party police fronting the government’s new movement of England law (for those to see down south) (we weren’t waved onwards – we were chased down and beat with battens and riot shields or dragged outer a place while woman shout and scream…
Biggest mass arrests, made up north... from 843 to 283 (that’s history)
That’s Acid house so those flyers….
A Select Secret for those to pass on to like minded people...
SO NOT TO GIVE THOSE a head start, those WHOM WANTED us not to, otherwise it wouldn’t of got into history, Love of UK Acidhouse and the Love of The Culture..
Its only my own small part, see my other posts,
"Take Care & Enjoy"

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