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Jamie 2K

Post by jamie2k » 16 Nov 2015, 15:29

I'm Jamie 2K,

Back in the day I was just Jamie "The Printer".

I designed & printed flyers, posters, mailers, newsletters for In-ter-dance / Sterns, Ravescene Magazine, Happy Days, Ministry of Sound, Transparent Sound, Malarke, Universe, Dreamscape, Fantazia, Sunrise and many many more.

My most recognized Flyer was the "Hole Sterns Pils" flye
r for In-ter-dance... My biggest print job was for Sunrise, printing over 1.2 million 8 page flyers.

My favorite flyer is the Universe Tribal Gathering Comic, which i also printed.

I am available for commissions & print jobs and can now be found on my agency site Pronodes, where you can see collaboration imagery from Junior Tomlin, who I often work closely with after 25 years of friendship http://www.pronodes.co.uk

Below is info about my nickname & a bit more about me...

The Farm
When I was a kid, I had been lucky enough to be friends with some lads who's parents owned Chaffinches Farm, I used to stay there and had some great times, the place always felt special to me, I could never quite put my finger on it! Little did I know that within a decade it would be a huge part of Rave History and my life. So for those of you who don't know, Chaffinches Farm aka "The Farm" was where In-ter-dance & Dancefloor Studio called home in the very early days.

The Phone
I'd been introduced to Mensa one evening and invited round for a smoke (Chillum + Soapbar... hmmm... interesting combination), which actually turned out to be a great night. I ended up sorting Mensa out with a free NEC P4 mobile. I'd recently started a new agency and was printing leaflets, and that's how i came to work with In-ter-dance.

My Nickname
I had a white Peugeot 205 XRAD Van which I spent most of my day flying around the country in, I loved my tunes, so i built a 2K sound system & stuffed speakers everywhere they'd fit.

I'd met Simon Scutt (Dancefloor Studio) at the farm, we were going to Hayling Island one day, Simon always wanted the sounds flat out, he had the remote control, so it was usually banging, well on the A27 that day one of my amps caught fire, and Simon shouts, "oh no... I've blown up Jamie's 2k, hmm... Jamie 2K", from that day I've been known as "2K". Thanks for my nickname Simon :)

Sterns Crew
I'd been printing the flyers and newsletters & regularly going to Sterns for about 18 months, When the all-niter's stopped a lot of you will remember; Rowland (Sterns's handyman) & I put on an after party 'Free Dance Party' at Worthing Rugby Club, (our two vans with huge systems & his caravan serving tea's and 0ver 700 of you guys).

After sterns shut, we all had to go get on with our shit, our friend Mensa had died and the best club in the UK had closed. I have never found another venue that was as awesome since.

Years later i was chatting to Simon and agreed to do a website for the sterns reunion in 2008, at the same time I started Sterns Crew.

The Sterns Crew is a place for those who loved Sterns & In-ter-dance, I provide all this frame work for you guys to chat, share and keep the vibe alive, somewhere that is not snooped upon by "Big Brother". It is a forum and website, to join you together and share and if possible grow, create and enjoy. I see the other groups of ravers out there doing so many things, arranging trips to events, sharing creativity, just being positive. Lets put our heads together :)


Jamie "2K" :)

R.I.P Mensa

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Re: Jamie 2K

Post by UkAcidhouse » 26 Nov 2015, 17:05

Nice work and nice to meet you. Always good to know the artist and any person whom helped the culture along... asa my Respect... UKacidhouse
"Take Care & Enjoy"

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Re: Jamie 2K

Post by PeterConcept » 29 Nov 2015, 19:58

:-BD Nice one Jamie . Good into :-BD

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