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Post by Pollyran88 » 11 Sep 2018, 18:57

Hi There,
Only recently found this forum and looking forward to connecting and sharing my collection.
I was fortunate enough to be involved from the scene from it's early inception when I had the fortune of meeting Trevor Fung- Ian st Paul and Paul Oakenfold when they just came back from Ibiza. I was then involved with 4 colour printing and had state of the art facilities.
I have a flyer collection with well over 10,000 flyers mainly from 1987 to 1993 all originals and all as new condition.
I was involved with most of the flyer designers and raves back in the day including Dave Little - Andy Jackson - Spectrum - Future - Trip _ Shoom - Milk `bar and too many others to list.
loved the scene and was very actively involved with the promotion of my own nights and multiple events all around London.
I had a company called the Music press and worked with Ian at Spectrum PR

I will be looking to share my collection on here and freeing up some space and selling part of my collection and doubles.

Look forward to connecting

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Re: Hello

Post by Wigs » 12 Sep 2018, 16:03

Excellent intro.. Welcome to the forum :-BD

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Re: Hello

Post by phatmedia » 13 Sep 2018, 11:06

Hi Pollyran88

We spoke before when I posted your Phantasy Island flyer on Instagram I think you organised. Amazing flyer quality - had to double check it was from 88 as its a really nice die-cut glossy flyer. If its's ok ill be in touch soon to get some info to help with a rave flyer book we're releasing next year.

Who can I credit as the organiser and designer for this one?




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