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Sold: £155 Rave Flyer Collection World Dance Helter Skelter

Posted: 04 Sep 2016, 15:17
by Wigs
Date 08/07/16
here we have part of my flyer collection spanning the 1990's.

The condition is mixed. Most are mint or very good. Some have marks and folds. A few have been on the wall. A very small amount are a little tatty. I'm no expert in grading condition this is simply part of my collection from back in the day.

Their are approximately 244 flyers. Only a very small hand full of duplicates.

These break down to roughly "I've tried to be as spot on as possible but please don't get upset if I'm slightly adrift because there are so many"

130 x Assorted
6 x Bagleys
3 x Fusion
17 x World Dance
40 x Desire
8 x Helter Skelter
3 x Hardcore Heaven
10 x Roast
11 x One Nation
5 x United Dance
3 x Tazzmania
4 x Hardcore Heaven
4 x Dreamscape
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