Sold: £142 Job Lot Rave Flyers 300+

Flyer collections sold above £15.00 from January 2015 to December 2015
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Sold: £142 Job Lot Rave Flyers 300+

Post by Wigs » 23 Jan 2016, 17:57

Amount: £142.00
Date 01/12/15
You will be bidding on my complete rave flyer collection which is all in folders neat and mostly all mint.

The folders are all about 15 pages of flyers and I have 22 folders

They range from 1989 upwards and are from nearly every promoter that was around back then plus some rare ones.

As there are so many I can only put a few pics on but please ask me anything you want to know or what flyers I have.

I can't start this too cheap due to how many there are and how rare some are.

Like I said most are full collections from helter skelter,quest,pandemonium,dance paradise,dance trance,dance planet etc

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