Sold: £156.55 - Rave flyers 1991-1993 huge pile

Flyer collections sold above £15.00 from January 2015 to December 2015
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Sold: £156.55 - Rave flyers 1991-1993 huge pile

Post by Wigs » 28 Nov 2015, 17:56

Amount: £156.55
Date 07/10/15
Huge pile of old rave flyers
Mostly 1991-1993
Some doubles, triples etc
Most good con, some are folded, blutacked corners etc
Lots of a4/a3 rave and jungle
Rain dance, euphoria, utopia
Sound shaft, lazerdrome, labyrinth,
Lots of Ministry of sound, best of British etc

Edit: I didn't realise how much interest there would be so to answer questions:
I thought they might be nice for someone local to pick up and go through for the memories one evening - we
had a great day reminiscing when the came out of the loft!

there are around 700 flyers, ranging from very tiny to A3
there a lot of doubles, and some triples/quadriples

they are split roughly:
dated 1991 - 10
dated 1992 - A3/4 - 30
dated 1992 - smaller - 30
dated 1993 - A3/4 - 34
dated 1993 - smaller - 70

undated - these are all 1991-93
A4/3 - about 40, euphoria, seduction etc - i think these are probably 1991/2
smaller - about 500: These are more likely to be 1992/3 as they are mostly London club nights, -
MOS, soundshaft, labyrinth, lazerdrome, roast, etc etc
some from other south-east venues

They were mostly blutacked on the wall for a couple of years and then they have been in the loft since,
so they are not pristine. Some are really good, some are scraggy round the edges, marked, or have been folded

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