Sold: £18.99 Big box of rave flyers - Dreamscape Helter Skel

Flyer collections sold above £15.00 from January 2015 to December 2015
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Sold: £18.99 Big box of rave flyers - Dreamscape Helter Skel

Post by Wigs » 27 Sep 2015, 08:01

Amount: £18.99
Date: 20/07/15

Here is the collection of the last of my flyers. As you can see from the pictures, it is a good size box which is full up with flyers. I haven't counted them all but there's hundreds there ranging from the early 90s to the present day. All are in good condition, most are as new or vgc, very few may be a little crumpled but all are useable and would be ideal for someone to sell on individually. Although it is mostly Jungle & Drum and bass covered (Desire, Telepathy, Kool FM, One Nation, etc etc), there are multi-genre raves in there such as United states of hardcore, hardcore, heaven, Dreamscape (old and new), Helter Skelter, Equinox, Sun city, Eskimo dance etc.. There are many rare & hard to find ones in there, plus historical ones such as the last ever rave at Sanctuary. There's also some interesting local ones featuring some names before they were well-known.

I'm sad to see these go, I remember reading ads like this when I was a lot younger, thinking I'd never sell mine. Unfortunately, I have no room to keep stuff as I'm moving so would love these to go to a good home, perhaps even ending up blu-tacked to the bedroom wall of a dedicated raver, as I would have loved to do

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