Sold £60.00 - 59 Near Perfect Condition Rave Dance Flyers 93

Flyer collections sold above £15.00 from January 2015 to December 2015
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Sold £60.00 - 59 Near Perfect Condition Rave Dance Flyers 93

Post by Wigs » 03 Apr 2015, 16:54

Amount: £60.00
Date: 21/03/15
59 Near Perfect Rave Flyers all various Raves these have been in the sleeves since day one of getting them in the early 90s (all A4 size)at raves that i went to and can not remember them (great times) very very good condition considering over 20 years old (yes my fellow old skoolers 20 years) in a very nice zipped leather casing (same age aswell) come and get your hands on a great piece of history....HAPPY BIDDING!........Plus i had to make 1st bid higher to 25.99 and make P&P free because not letting me put 11.99 for postage because its to much for this category,this is 3 and a half kgs weight so prices go to that im afraid...


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