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Charlie Pope

Post by thecharliepope » 01 Jun 2015, 01:47

Hello Guys just a quick intro really been a Pro D J for longer than I care to remember did illeagal partys back in the day even got hauled into court once was laughed out ellesmere port magistrates ...conspiracy to hold a party without an entertaining licence...anyhow I was wondering if there were any of the flyers knocking around from some partys we did back in the day I had couple of thousand maybe 5000 maybe 10000 printed for partys that I did they were very vauge but very distinctive full colour a5 card background picture statue of liberty one flyer just had "the time of the gathering is here .."....another print run we did same background liberty on a reddy orange sunset background with the slogan "fight for your right to party..."both of these flyers were for a rollerskating warehouse in seacombe wirral .the venue was not mentioned on flyers .....ring any bells it would be great if there was any still changing hands....cheers Charlie.

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Re: Charlie Pope

Post by phatmedia » 02 Jun 2015, 07:51

WElcome to the site!

Ive not heard of either of the flyers you mention before mate but they must be about if you had that many printed. Ive searched using a few different keywords on phat but no luck!....

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