Hi from Scotland

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The Lone raver
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Hi from Scotland

Post by The Lone raver » 08 Jul 2009, 10:14

Hi folks,

Andy here from Scotland been into raves/raving since around the mid 90's, only just missed the best times in "oldskool"
Done the rounds for years including Helter-Skelter, Dreamscape, Slammin, Rezerection, Fantazia and many more fuzzy memories from around the UK.

Passion for a lot of the Scottish scene stuff from 1990-97, particuarly the rezerection stuff, flyers, posters etc

Used to have a large collection of flyers but most of it was binned when I went off to Uni. X( by my old dear.

Fortunally have managed to get quite a bit of it back, mainly through ebay and various sites and my flat is a bit of a shrine to rez tat :) costs a fortune, but you have to have a hobby eh!

anyhow, I'll be hiding in the corner and chipping in my 2p's worth every so often

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Re: Hi from Scotland

Post by Wigs » 08 Jul 2009, 10:54

Welcome aboard Andy, I think alot of people lost their flyers in similar cicumstances to you. Luckily I managed to keep most of mine from my raving days and have been slowly adding to them via Ebay and the like in the last couple of years.

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Re: Hi from Scotland

Post by Mart » 08 Jul 2009, 16:28

Welcome Andy :-BD

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Re: Hi from Scotland

Post by Princess » 09 Jul 2009, 10:27

welcome to the forum Andy :) :)

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Re: Hi from Scotland

Post by waard » 09 Jul 2009, 22:07

Hi Andy welcome to the forum. :ymhug: :-BD

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