Wanted flyers - Lew

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Wanted flyers - Lew

Post by Wigs » 04 Dec 2010, 20:04

Posted on behalf of Lew - Contact @ masteryoda992004@yahoo.co.uk

has anyone got a kaos flyer called implosion ????
or a julian temptation flyer from 1994 with two bottles of champagne on it.?
a pez chemistry flyer with a scientist on it.?
a pez temple flyer with three tribes men on it,
mindwarp 2 kaos flyer.
and any other mindwarp flyer after 94 or 95.
and ofcourse the revelation 2 1989 pez flyer i been after for a age.

top trades i got for these. or good price.

pls also note any rare artists work i dont have. i.e. pez, jr tomlin, or kaos from 89 - 92

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