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Paul Shrobrook

Posted: 07 Jun 2009, 17:00
by Wigs
Co promoter and designer of flyers, posters and club décor for ‘Sign of the Times’ which ran in London for five years with infamous Fiona Cartledge, one of the first clubs to bring back glamour into the club scene. Now a member of the Backstage Sluts, who have been responsible for some of the biggest bootlegs over the last few years.

Currently they are working with the seminal Lady Marga from Basement Jaxxs – (Crazy Itch radio) – Jesse Monroe and Tara Mcdonald on tracks for their debut album, already being road tested and described as jump up sonic dance weapons. They have just remixed The Kills "Cheap and Cheerful" (domino rec) alongside studio commitments they are writing vocals and bass heavy tracks for one of the biggest names in dance music.