Rave Preservation Project needs your help <3

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Re: Rave Preservation Project needs your help <3

Post by blayboy » 17 Oct 2013, 16:25

'I only want originals. Scans serve no purpose for my project. The main idea with my project is to bring in original pieces or memorabilia then curate, archive, and digitize the memorabilia. To put them in a safe place. I also want people to have an easy way to reference or request high quality scans of originals and if I had a bunch of scans only on my site I would not be able to offer this to users. We have a home in the Southern Oregon mountains we recently built and I hacve a room dedicated to this project. Thank you for the offer. J'
Then maybe no need for such an expensive scanner then? :-\

I guess its a good way to preserve Rave Culture but as MSPRIM says....
I think you will find it difficult in finding serious collectors of UK flyers to give up their collections - for me, having the actual flyer is better then looking at scans on a PC screen. I use flyer sites to check for flyers i am missing and to confirm dates of flyers i have.
The idea is a good way to preserve Rave history.. Have had flyers before that i didn't need or want ... mid 90s mass produced badly designed club flyers ect ... only problem would have been postage to usa would have been sky high!

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Re: Rave Preservation Project needs your help <3

Post by mpjbay » 17 Oct 2013, 18:52

Thank you for the reply's. I was feeling very uneasy in regards to everyone's posts.

A note on scans: let me correct myself.They are necessary so I can add them to the website. The reason for a high speed scanner is to process the collection both what I have currently have and what comes in each month. For instance I am off to pick up a donation from an old school bay area DJ today, over 10k pieces.

"Always felt its a shame there's not a project or file sharing system that everyone could upload to (similar to Phatmedia but capable of storing higher res scans). "
I am working on this.

I know Dave is working on upgrading PM. I am as well. I have some big plans for the rave pres project that I will implement incrementally. My vision is a little different than Daves from what I can gather so I think/hope the sites will compliment each other very well and give user a rounded experience exploring classic rave art, music, info, and sharing.

BTW I have thousands of flyers from San Francisco I would like to trade for memorabilia outside the bay area if anyone is interested. I am personally interest in anything from anywhere in the world besides SF from the 1980's and 1990's.

<3 Matthew Johnson

BTW anyone can contact me off the website directly


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